The Parish of St Joseph and
The Parish of St Charles Borromeo
Letter from Fr Mark McManus 16th July
Dear Parishioners of St Joseph's & St Charles,
This week our Masses will be:

Saturday, 17 July, at 5:00pm
Sunday, 18 July, at 9:00am & 10:00am
Tuesday, 20 July, at 10:00am
Thursday, 22 July, at 11:00am
Friday, 23 July, at 10:00am

The lifting of the pandemic restrictions!

Monday, 19 July, will see the end of a number of legal restrictions to daily life. However, we are being urged to use 'common sense' and so it seems wise, initially, to proceed with a little caution.
  • Although no longer a legal requirement, the continued wearing of facemasks is very much 'expected' and encouraged for the time being.
  • Please continue to sanitise your hands on entry.
  • Benches can be filled with groups/individuals from different households but please try not to pass people in the benches.
  • The church doors will remain open for ventilation and the continuing observance of the one-way system encouraged.
  • Holy Communion will continue to be distributed at the end of Mass for a little while longer but I am anxious for us to move on from this soon.
  • There will be no Holy Water in the stoops but votive candles will return. Remember, many hand sanitisers contain a high percentage of alcohol. Please be careful near a naked flame!
  • For now, there will be no offertory procession but donations may be placed in the box as usual. Thank you to all who make their contribution by bank transfer.
  • The stewarding has worked well since we re-opened, and having a steward or 'welcomer' at the entrance to assist and direct people where necessary remains very helpful. If you are happy to remain in your role as a steward, or would like to volunteer your services, please let me know.
  • The cleaning and anti-bacterial misting will continue to take place every third week, if you are able to assist with the cleaning, please let me know.
  • Communal singing will begin with the gradual introduction of singing the Common of the Mass, e.g. the Gloria, the Gospel acclamation, Sanctus, etc. This requires no hymnbooks. Hopefully, in early September, we will have one-time-use sheets for hymns.
  • The second reading and general intercessions will be restored and it will be good to move back to having our regular readers and an accompanying rota from August onwards. If anyone would like to read please let me know.
  • We hope to have Altar Servers back in September. If you are interested in resuming or beginning to serve at Mass then please let me know.
  • For the time being the toilets will continue to remain closed.
St Charles Church
After consultation with the bishop the Polish Community will continue to have sole use of the church for a little while longer. This will be reviewed in September.

Mass Times
I have received overwhelming feedback that the Saturday Vigil Mass should remain at 5.00pm and, after consultation with the bishop, we will therefore continue to keep to this time. However, to return to some normality from Sunday, 1 August, the earlier Sunday Mass will move to 8.45am to accommodate a more regular and 'fuller' liturgy while continuing to allow a suitable gap between the two Masses. The 8.45am Mass will be a Low Mass, i.e. there will be no singing (other than the Gospel acclamation).

St Joseph's School
We thank St Joseph's School governors and the teaching & non-teaching staff for their dedication and service over the past year and wish the whole school community a happy and refreshing holiday.

St Joseph's Nursery has some places available from September. You should contact the school for more information, tel. 0114 2692773.

Catholic newspapers
Alas, neither The Universe nor The Catholic Times survived the consequences of the pandemic and both have ceased to be published. The Catholic Herald is now published as a monthly magazine and is available by subscription from or tel. 020 7448 3607.

Attending church

You MUST NOT come to church if: You are unwell or somebody in your household has coronavirus symptoms, for example a cough or high temperature. Please follow the directions of the stewards.

Church Cleaning & Stewarding
The continuing work of our voluntary church cleaners and stewards remains the bedrock of our ability to open and use our church. Without them the church would be closed and we are immensely thankful for all that they do. If you have returned to church, have seen how things are done, and now feel ready and able to volunteer then please contact me. More hands help spread the load. Thank you.

Finally, this week's newsletter is here.

Our Lady of Walsingham, pray for us.
St Joseph, pray for us.
St Charles Borromeo, pray for us.

With my prayers,
Rev. Mark McManus
Parish Priest
Parish Newsletter 18th July

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