The Parishes of St Joseph and St Charles
Thursday 9 April 2020 is Maundy Thursday
Suspension of Public Masses & Other Liturgical Celebrations
Latest Letter from Fr Mark McManus (9th April - Maudy Thursday)
You can watch tonight's Mass from a variety of places on the TV (EWTN) or internet:
The Pope Francis will be celebrate the Mass of The Lord's Supper from St Peter's at 5.00pm (UK time)
Cardinal Nichols at 5.30pm at Westminster Cathedral
Our own bishop at 6.00pm at the cathedral.
'We thank you that your church, unsleeping
while earth rolls onward into light,
through all the world her watch is keeping,
and rests not now by day or night.

As o'er each continent and island
the dawn leads on another day,
the voice of pray'r is never silent,
nor dies the strain of praise away.

The day thou gavest, Lord, John Ellerton 1870
We now have a page dedicated to information, advice and prayers connected with the current situation affected by the outbreak of the Coronavirus (Covid 19), this will be reviewed and developed as and when it is received from the Bishops' Conference of England & Wales, you can find it here.
Words from the Holy Father, Pope Francis